6 Reasons to Keep Your Gutters Clean

While typically one of the trickier tasks around the home, cleaning the gutters is still essential. However, being out of sight, you may ask yourself – why should you clean your gutters?

Below, we cover six key reasons to keep your gutters clean and what the potential outcome of not doing so could be. 

Avoid Water Damage

Gutters filled with debris, such as leaves and sticks, can quickly become filled with water during the rainier months of the year, which can cause unnecessary weight leading to damaged brackets. And it’s not just outside the home where water damage from blocked gutters can cause problems, as overflowing water can filter through cracks into your home, damaging the ceiling and walls.

Avoid Roof Damage

Regular roof maintenance is essential, and a vital part of that is ensuring any gutter issues get resolved without delay. If a blocked gutter is left to gather water and overflow, the resulting water often ends up pooling on the roof of your home – resulting in rot and exposing your property to the outdoors.  

Prevent the Nesting of Pests

A blocked gutter filled with debris often makes an appealing spot for pests, including rodents, pigeons and insects. However, if such pests succeed in making your gutters their home, you may end up facing costly damages and a serious health hazard. 

Prevent Foundation Damage

When gutters are left to become blocked, rainwater will often be left with nowhere to go but to the foundations of your home. Pooling water along the foundations of your home is never good and may result in structural damage and an expensive repair bill. 

Mitigate Fire Risk in Dry Months

During the hotter months of the year, blocked gutters also risk becoming a fire hazard. Leaves and twigs which accumulate within a gutter become dried out – which can quickly catch and spread flames if there is a fire. 

Save Money 

Often out of sight, your gutters can quickly become blocked without you even noticing. As a result, you may not realise there is a problem until there is already significant damage. However, by ensuring you clean your gutters regularly, you can help avoid any issues before they become serious – saving you expensive repair bill.

Reasons to Keep Your Gutters Clean: Final Thoughts

We hope our 6 Reasons to Keep Your Gutters Clean guide has answered the question of why should you clean your gutters – Highlighting the importance of regular maintenance and what the resulting damage from blocked gutters can be.

If you require services for your gutters, including repairs and installations, then the professionals at Williams, Fascias, Soffits and Guttering can help. Our gutter cleaning experts will not only can we save you time, but ensure the job is completed safely and to the highest standards.